How did it start?

I am Imre Polyák, junior. I was born in Kecskemét, 1957. My maternal grandfather was a smith, my father Imre Polyák, senior, was a folk craftsman, a knife craftsman with a golden diploma. I passed my final examination at Déry Miksa Technical School in Szeged, 1975. I got the qualification of a knife-maker in Budapest in 1977, but unfortunately this training was ceased in 1979.

I decided in my childhood, that I would continue the knife-making profession, as I produced my first pocket-knife at that time. I helped my father a lot in the workshop and as time passed we were able to develop it.

I have my unique, hand-made products judged by the ’Council of Folk Handicrafts’ where I was rewarded with the ’Folk Craftsman’ title.

In 2000, during the judging of my special pocket-knives with damask steel, I was rewarded a ’Golden Diploma’.

In 2007,at the 4th National Meeting of Knife-makers, Smithes and Armourers I won the ’Knife of the year’ prize.

I produce small- and big kitchen knives, including knives for bones, stabbing, opening, carving, bread, filleting and paste. In addition pocket-knives are manufactured too,such as herdsman-knives with forks, budding knives, grafting knives, hunting knives or other typical Hungarian articles. There are numerous pocket-knives that are used in agriculture as well. I use not only stainless steel, but also disrustproof steel, since there is a great demand for this type of material.

Besides, there are several pocket-knives and daggers, that are smithed from numerous layers. These are the so-called damask blades. In ancient Damaszkusz people used to use this producing-method to manufacture tough and strong swords. That is why they are named ’damask’ knives.

I also produce knives with the coat of arms of Hungary and with a goat, the symbol of Kecskemét.

The above mentioned items are made of excellent quality German material.

If we aroused your interest, please cast a glance at our wide range of assortment.


Cím.: 6000 Kecskemét, Kinizsi u. 19/A tel.: 06-76/324-878